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  • We've had spam problems in the past, but we can create a community of computer and technology support here with some manual filtering of who can become a member here :D

    Click here for more details if you're interested in creating an account so you can get updates on our events, or comment with questions, or resource contributions.

How to Register an Account on CFSY Community


Staff member
We had to close down open registration for new accounts on our Community forum. There were too many spammers and malcontents out on the internet who wanted to gain access, and enough did to cause massive headaches.

So now those hooligans have some serious bouncers to deal with before entering this club.

If you would like an account on our forum to sign in with so you can chat with us, contribute, or ask questions, send us an email to introduce yourself. You'll also get updates for any special events we host in Whitehorse, or eventually (hopefully) around the rest of the Yukon.

Our email address is here in this image, to discourage some of the filthy spammer artificial intelligence who like to collect email addresses:

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you'd like to get out of being a part of our Community, or what you're hoping to contribute. Also tell us what username you would like to publish your comments as. We'll create an account for you and provide a temporary password with instructions on how you can change that to something unique and private to you.
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