Windows 10 Pro – $10

Windows 10 Pro is great for people who are invested in the Microsoft infrastructure such as programs like Microsoft Office.

Linux – Mint (Cinnamon) – Free!

Linux Mint (running the Cinnamon desktop) was once our default choice and now it is again. It has always prioritized stability and ease of use. At one point we discovered that was to it’s own detriment in a way because some of the software was exceptionally old, however nowadays they’ve made some changes that allow for more modern packages. Mint is a solid choice if you’re familiar with Windows.

Linux – MX (XFCE) – Free!

MX Linux in many ways is our option for mid-level to advanced Linux users for the tools provided, and how the operating system doesn’t hold your hand as much as some of the others. Beginners can get into it as well, and this was at one point our default choice, however this pool has a deep end, so to speak.

Linux – Pop!_OS – Free!

Pop!_OS is built by System76 who also sell brand new computers that are built with Linux in mind. It’s a polished and fancy operating system that shares some similarities with Mac OS, but ultimately everyone can feel comfortable in.