Our computers for the Connecting Families Initiative are desktop computers that come with a monitor (screen) as well as a keyboard and mouse. It doesn’t have WiFi connectivity, but we can provide some advice on solutions, or we also carry some options in our inventory for an extra fee if that’s needed.

Standard Desktop offer for a free computer:

  • i-series processor
  • 4GB of RAM
  • internal hard drive, at least 200GB
  • monitor, keyboard, mouse
  • MX Linux as the operating system
  • while supplies last, we’ll include a USB speaker bar for better sound

Extra Options depending on inventory:
$10 – Windows 10 Pro
$55 – WiFi internal card (with 2 receiver antenae)
$10 – WiFi USB adapter

Solid State drives (helps a lot with boot and file access speeds)
$10 – Used 120GB SSD $40 – New 240GB SSD
$20 – Used 240GB SSD $60 – New 480GB SSD
$35 – Used 480GB SSD $80 – New 960GB SSD

Connecting Families Initiative
Upgrades beyond Standard Desktop Bundle:

We will email you back to confirm your request, let you know the total price if you've chosen upgrades, and answer any questions you have submitted.