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Creating an Avatar Picture



An avatar is a representation of yourself. That's why I normally choose something that is a little odd instead of professional like I ought to.

There's a lot of ways you can create a custom avatar, but I'll share one particular path.

1. Find an image that you like.

This can be an image of yourself, or of your favourite cartoon character, or even your favourite sandwich. Nobody is here to judge.

2. Upload it to a service like http://avatarmaker.org/

Once again, there's probably quite a few services out there, this is one that I found. It helps with getting the perfectly square dimensions at a certain size right now it's set to 90x90 pixels. You can upload your image, then select the dimensions, and drag a square around the portion of the photo that you want.

3. Then if your saved avatar picture is below 9Kb, you should be able to upload your avatar in the user profile settings.

If it's still larger, you can open it up in a photo editing program. I like Gimp (although I don't know how to use half of the features). Gimp is an open source program that operates much like Adobe Photoshop, except as it's open source, Gimp is free for all users.

For me, I opened up my avatar file in Gimp, then you can go to File, Export As...

In the Export Image window, you'll want to name your avatar something you'll recognize (example: avatar.jpg), and save it in a folder where you'll find it like in "Pictures" or on your Desktop. It's important to finish your image file with ".jpg" or another highly compressed image file type if you prefer, so that the file size remains small. When you hit "Export" at the bottom of the window, it'll pop up another window. Here you can knock the quality down to 90, or 80% (or further if need be). Hit export, and it'll save your new file.

4. Find your new avatar picture that has been shrunkified (compressed), right click on it and select Properties. This will show you the size of your new file. If it's under 9 Kilobytes, you're ready to upload your new avatar representing your personality, dreams, ideals... all in a 90x90 pixel image.

Happy Avatar-ing.