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Useful Keyboard Shortcuts for Day to Day Users

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There are a lot of ways to speed up your computing and make your life easier through the use of keyboard shortcuts. There are far more keyboard shortcuts than are worth listing but we’ve compiled some of the most useful for day to day life along with some pictures to help you find the keys if you’re having trouble.

To use a keyboard shortcut, you hold Alt, Ctrl, Shift, or a combination thereof, and press another key. Below some helpful combinations are listed, for example:

Ctrl + C: Hold Ctrl and quickly press C, then release Ctrl once the operation is complete
Ctrl + Shift + S: Hold Ctrl and Shift and quickly press S, then release Ctrl and Shift once the operation is complete

*Click on the key combination in blue to view the photo*


Ctrl + A (Select all within window)
Ctrl + C (Copy selected items/text)
Ctrl + F (Bring up search bar within page)
Ctrl + N (Open new window of current program or web browser)
Ctrl + S (Save)
Ctrl + T (Open new tab within web browser)
Ctrl + V (Paste copied or cut items/text)
Ctrl + W (Close current window or tab)
Ctrl + X (Cut selected items/text)
Ctrl + Y (Redo last undone action)
Ctrl + Z (Undo last action)
Ctrl + Shift
Ctrl + Shift + Esc (Open task manager)
Ctrl + Shift + S (Save as)
Ctrl + Shift + T (Open last closed tab in web browser)
Alt + F4 (Force close current program)
Alt + Tab (Change to previously open window, hold Alt after pressing Tab to see all open windows and use arrow keys to navigate)
Shift + Enter (Move up a box, very useful in Excel)
Shift + Tab (Move to previous box, very useful in Excel)
Windows Key
Windows Key (Open start menu)
Windows Key + D (Show or hide desktop and all open programs)
Windows Key + E (Open file explorer)
Windows Key + L (Lock your computer)
F5 (Refresh the page)
Delete (Delete selected item/text)
Enter (Submit or move down a box ((useful in Excel)))
Tab (Move to next box, very useful in Excel and all other programs)
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