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Who is CFSY?



Computers for Schools Yukon (CFSY) is a national, federal government-led program that operates in cooperation with all provinces and territories, the private and volunteer sectors. The program collects, repairs and refurbishes donated surplus computers from government and private sector sources and distributes this computer equipment to schools, non-profit organizations and libraries throughout Canada.

CFS was co-founded in 1993 by Industry Canada and the Telephone Pioneers, the largest industry-related volunteer organization in the world. Computers for Schools contributes to the government’s Connecting Canadians initiative.

Since its inception, CFS has provided more than 1,000,000 computers to schools, libraries, as well as First Nation and nonprofit organizations in all provinces and territories. In addition to coordinating computer donors and recipients, CFS oversees close to 60 repair and refurbishing centers throughout Canada, where surplus computers are cleaned, refurbished and prepared for delivery. Workshops are staffed by youth interns, co-op students and volunteers, including current and retired telecommunications professionals.

Computers for Schools Yukon is partnered with Raven Recycling Society to further our environmental efforts. The recycling depot in the Raven Recycling Society helps by acting as our public computer drop off site. Their depot accepts the equipment as well as collects the fees for processing everything that is dropped off.

Any equipment that isn’t possible to refurbish gets disassembled in our CFSY workshop. Raven Recycling Society takes the components and sends them south to a responsible e-waste processor. Many of the commodities Raven accepts from us aren’t worth anything on the market, so it costs a fair bit of money to ship everything south. Raven Recycling Society chooses to prioritize the environmentally responsible decision, so that none of the computer waste finds its way to a landfill.