Inventory and Pricing

Here at Computers for Schools, one of our main missions is to take computers that are still very usable and get them into the hands of individuals who otherwise can’t afford to purchase brand new equipment.

Below is an explanation for what computers we have available and what some of the terminology means so you can better understand what options you have available.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about this information.

The Operating System (Required)

An operating system is a core platform of software that you install any programs that you use into.  Whether it’s Mac OSX (like on your school computers), Windows 10, or Linux, you need to choose one of these to install on the computer so that everything works together.

At Computers for Schools Yukon, we don’t work with Mac computers as much because they’re less open to refurbishment.  Apple prefers that technicians that work on their products be Apple specialists.

$10 – Windows 10 Pro:  Windows 10 has been a widely popular operating system because it is bundled with almost all computers that can be purchased ready-built from a retailer.  It has a great aesthetic and is easy to pick up since many people have been familiar with past iterations of Windows.

FREE – Linux:  There are many versions of Linux, and if you have a preference, we’re happy to help you out with the specifics.  Linux is free because it’s built Open Source where people can contribute to the project, or take it as their own as long as they don’t sell the community owned code.

Linux isn’t as popular yet on home computers because it’s only been relatively recently when Linux Operating Systems have been developed with ‘ease of use’ in mind.  The vast majority of internet sites and resources run on Linux servers because of the reliability of this OS, as well as the security.

Desktop Computers

Desktops are by far the best bang for your buck, so to speak.  They come with a larger monitor, a keyboard and a mouse.  They are easier to fix, and have a lot more speed and power.  Their only real drawbacks are the lack of mobility if you need to compute on the go.

FREE – Basic Desktop – (Dual core, 4gb of DDR3 or 8gb of DDR2 depending on stock, 120GB + HDD)

$10 – Premium Desktop – (Core i3 to i7, 8GB of RAM, 120+ GB HDD)

Don’t worry about the hardware specifications by each category.  The main thing to understand is that they both come with a monitor, keyboard, and mouse.  Both will be able to run Windows 10 or Linux as an operating system, although the Basic Desktop will be slower running Windows 10.

Laptop Computers

Laptops are normally a lot more expensive than Desktops that have similar specifications, simply because the computer parts have to be smaller, and fit together tighter to provide a more mobile platform.

$10 – Basic LaptopĀ  – (similar to Basic Desktop only with 4GB RAM)

$75 – Premium Laptop – (similar to Premium Desktop only with 4GB RAM)
* Students and Teachers can get a $30 discount on Premium, as education support is still our core mandate.

Currently our inventory within Basic Laptops are not able to run Windows 10 Pro very well.  We highly recommend choosing Linux as it will run lighter.

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