Some of our past Intern technicians

CFS Intern technicians refurbish computers for distribution to schools and other learning organizations in the Yukon. Working with CFSY exposes interns to many makes and models of computer equipment. This allows youth to hone their hardware expertise and develop critical team-building, communication, and mentoring skills.

CFS Interns gain work experience in a variety of Information Technology areas including:

  • using diagnostic tools and software
  •  erasing, formatting, installing and testing hard drives
  •  configuring and diagnosing operating systems
  •  installing and testing software
  •  isolating, researching and resolving errors
  •  work ethic and professionalism
  •  interpersonal skills from selling computers, answering questions, and teaching computer skills to a variety skill levels
Interns presenting at the annual Young Women Exploring Trades conference

If you’re interested in this program, please feel free to contact us with a resume and cover letter.  We will consider you for our next 6 month internship.