Apply for a Computer

Pour service en français, veuillez, s’il-vous-plaît, composer le 1-800-575-9200. Pour compléter le formulaire de demande d’équipements informatiques.

Students must have a teacher, or administrator apply on their behalf.

Please fill in the form below to apply for computers from CFSY


Operating Systems: Windows 10 Pro-($10) Linux-(No Fee) Dual Boot-($10)

Desktops: Core 2 CPU, 4GB RAM, 120GB Hard drive (No Fee)
i-Series CPU, 8GB RAM, 120GB Hard drive ($10)

Laptops: Core 2 CPU, 4GB RAM, 120GB Hard drive ($10)
i-Series CPU, 4GB RAM, 120GB Hard drive ($75)

Mice, Keyboards, Monitors under 19″ (No Fee)
Monitors over 19″ ($20)

*High School and Post-Secondary students receive a $30 discount on i-Series laptops
**If you wish to add or change components, please email us at [email protected]

Apply for a Computer

Apply for a Computer

*Teachers must apply on behalf of students

“Computers for Schools, co-founded in 1993 by Industry Canada and the Telecom Pioneers, refurbishes computers and related equipment donated by governments and businesses. These computers are distributed across Canada to schools, libraries and registered not-for-profit learning organizations.”