4 Technicians moving on to bigger and greener grass.

Maybe that’s not how the saying goes, but I hope that the grass truly is green on the other side of the fence for our technicians as they go on to bigger (and less temporary) jobs.

We’ve been really busy as usual, and had extra technicians to help with everything, which ironically had me busier wrangling everyone together.  Our current technicians are all finishing up here on March 31st, and the 4 we have will be replaced with 2 new trainees that we will be able to hold on to for the regular 6 months as compared to the shortened period for our current staff (don’t worry, they got higher wages due to being stuffed into a shorter period).

Here are the staff who are moving on:

Paul Banks is already working in the field of solar technology and he took off a couple weeks early on March 10th to make that transition.  So he’s currently turning reasonably passive solar radiation into potentially dangerous arcing currents of electricity.





Josh Durand is looking to embed himself deeply in IT somewhere and continue to learn all things technology, and somehow he’ll leverage that to become king of the Yukon.  That doesn’t exist you say?  Well yeah, not yet anyway.





Nicholas Skookum has a varied set of skills now, and although I asked him where he wants to work, he said he’ll be happy wherever he can find work that will pay his bills, as now he has a sweet ride that runs on fuel… not dreams and unicorn farts.





Jin Lee didn’t want us to take his picture.  The only reasonable conclusion I can draw from that is that he’s an undercover agent from some obscure acronym organization.  He says that he’ll be getting a job in the food industry, bringing whatever restaurant he’s working for into the modern age.  Of course, that’s probably just part of his cover.  We’ll probably never know who Jin Lee really is.  Or if that’s even his real name.


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