Keeping it cool

Here we are approaching the free release of Windows 10 for anyone who owns Windows 7 or 8.1, and our main battle has been cooling our office.

The weather has certainly been an obstacle for us in the office, even though it’s been really nice when we’re outside. With all of the computers that are running in such a small space, it’s typically 10 degrees hotter in here than it is outside. To put this into perspective, today my coworker Danny Lewis from Raven Recycling came into our office and said, “Wow it’s hot in here”. Currently it’s rainy and cool outside, and we have our little air conditioner running. It’s a typical problem within any server farm, however we aren’t a server farm, merely a small office with more than our share of computer equipment running.

In other news I felt it might be good to mention a little more about the upcoming release of Windows 10. It’s important to do some research before you upgrade to find out how any of your important software will work in the new environment. It’s very possible that your favourite game, or accounting software is popular enough that it will soon get an update to make it work, although it’s very possible there may be complications with software and hardware comparability. So be sure to do your research before you upgrade. Windows 7 will be around for quite a while yet (I believe it’s 2022 or something like that).  The only practical deadline is that Microsoft won’t provide the free upgrade to Windows 10 after July 2016 (next year).

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